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3 Perks of Using a Shoulder Holster for Concealed Carrying

When it comes to concealed carrying, many gun owners are drawn to hip and thigh holsters — and for good reason. Not only do these holsters comfortably fit most people, they provide easy access to concealed weapons. However, there’s also quite a bit to be said for the shoulder holster. Used extensively by law enforcement officials and private detectives, these often overlooked holsters hold a number of advantages over their more commonplace counterparts. 

1. Easy Access When Dressed in Layers
Unlike an ankle, thigh, or hip holster, the shoulder holster provides concealed carriers who are dressed in layers with easy access to their weapons. This is particularly convenient for gun owners who live in parts of the country that are prone to icy-cold winters. So if you frequently wear overcoats for extended periods, a shoulder holster may be a good fit.

2. Ideal for Long-Term Sitters
Shoulder holsters are also convenient for people who spend most of their time sitting and the physically infirmed. Attempting to retrieve a weapon from a lower body holster while sitting down can be physically strenuous and increase your risk of personal injury. Anyone who needs access to their weapon(s) while seated can benefit from investing in a shoulder holster.

3. Good for Heavy Weapons
Also to their credit, shoulder holsters tend to feature a little more heft than their lower body counterparts. As a result, they’re better equipped to support heavier handguns than ankle, thigh, and hip holsters. This means that if your concealed weapon of choice is fairly heavy, a shoulder holster may be just what the doctor ordered. 

While it’s true that shoulder holsters aren’t for everyone, they are nicely suiting the needs of many concealed carriers. If you find easy access to your weapon, strength and durability appealing, it may be worth your while to give shoulder holsters a second look. For over 10 years, Hardcore Gun Holsters has provided our customers with a high-quality, comfortable concealment holsters. For a great selection of concealment holsters, like hip, shoulder, ankle and paddle holsters, look no further than the extensive selection at HardcoreGunHolsters.com today.