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3 Tips for Concealed Carriers

Gun owners who live in concealed carry states are allowed to carry certain types of firearms on their person, provided they keep them properly hidden. Unfortunately, because a number of concealed carriers don’t take the time to properly review the law in question, they inadvertently make mistakes that land them in legal trouble and put other people’s safety at risk. If you’ve recently obtained a concealed carry license or are interested in getting one, you’d be wise to heed the following tips. 

1. Find a Comfortable Holster

If you intend to bring your weapon everywhere you go, you’ll need a reliable holster. Since you’ll be wearing it every day, make sure the holster you select is perfectly suited to both your body type and the type of the firearm you’ll be carrying. If you intend to carry a smaller gun, you can’t go wrong with a good .380 holster.  Pairing your .380 with a proper .380 holster will keep you safe and also protect your firearm for a longer lifespan.

2. Don’t Call Attention to Yourself

Most states that allow concealed carrying require license holders to abstain from drawing attention to their firearms, as this has the potential to incite serious misunderstandings. For example, showing off your gun or consistently touching the area where it’s stored can lead people to believe that you mean them harm. In the worst case scenario, another concealed carrier might be led to believe that you pose a threat. As such, make a point of keeping your weapon completely hidden unless absolutely necessary. This is another reason why a smaller gun such as a .380 with a .380 holster would be a great choice for concealed carry.

3. Take a Class

If your state allows concealed carrying, odds are you can find a class for individuals interested in obtaining a permit. Although the exact materials vary from class to class, your instructor will teach you the basics of concealing weapons and instruct you on what to do in the event that your firearm is discovered. You will also learn how to properly remove your firearm from a .380 holster or other concealment holster. 

It is the responsibility of anyone who obtains a concealed carry permit to brush up on what having this permit entails. In the interest of ensuring the safety of those around you and keeping yourself out of trouble, remember to put the previously discussed pointers to good use. If you need a .380 holster, or concealment holster for one of your other firearms, Hardcore Gun Holsters has a great selection to choose from. Shop our concealment holsters today.