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Easing Yourself Into Concealed Carrying

Carrying a concealed weapon provides many gun owners with a sense of security. However, the act of carrying a gun on your person isn’t what provides you with protection — it’s in knowing how to responsibly use that gun. Even some experienced gun owners have difficulty adjusting to carrying concealed weapons. Just because they’ve used their guns on hunting excursions and taken them to practice ranges doesn’t mean they’re ready to carry them in public at all times. If this describes your situation, utilizing the following tips can help ease you into concealed carrying.   

Buy Comfortable Concealment Holsters
The first step in becoming a confident concealed carrier is finding a suitable holster for your weapon. Whether it’s a shoulder, hip, paddle, or ankle holster, it’s imperative that the concealment holsters you select offer easy access and first-rate comfort and be able to comfortably accommodate your weapon. Additionally, make a point of avoiding concealment holsters that are too big or too small for the gun you wish to carry.

Wear Your Holster Around the House
If you’re unaccustomed to the feeling of having a weapon and holster on your person, consider wearing your holster around the house until such time as you become more comfortable with it. If you choose to place your weapon in concealment holsters while wearing it at home, make sure the gun is not loaded. Wearing a loaded weapon around your residence poses a substantial safety risk to both yourself and anyone you happen to live with.

Be in Tune With Your Body Language 
People who are new to concealed carrying have a tendency to frequently touch their guns through their clothes. When wearing your holster at home, make a conscious effort to avoid doing this and make a note of the number of times you catch yourself in the act. 

There’s no shame in needing some time to adjust to concealed carrying. After all, if you’re going to carry a concealed weapon, it’s better to do so with confidence than self-doubt. When preparing yourself to carry a weapon in public, take care to prioritize the pointers discussed above. If you are looking for concealment holsters for your firearms, Hardcore Gun Holsters has a great selection of comfortable holsters to choose from. Browse our selection today.