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Qualities to Look for in Your Next Gun Holster

Every concealed carrier needs a reliable gun holster. Not only is placing a firearm in your pocket or hanging it on a belt incredibly dangerous, it’s also illegal in most states with concealed carry laws. Fortunately, a dependable tactical holster will provide you with a comfortable place to carry a gun on your person without putting your safety or the safety of those around you at risk. It’s important to keep in mind, however, that gun holsters are not a monolith. That is, a tactical holster that’s a good fit for one gun owner may not be another’s cup of tea. When shopping around for the right holster, you’ll want to keep an eye out for the following qualities.  

Comfy Fit
In the quest to find the right tactical holster, it’s imperative that you take comfort into account. It’s bad enough when a regular article of clothing or fashion accessory is poorly fitting or uncomfortable — much less one that contains a deadly weapon. Whether you’re in the market for a hip, ankle, or belt holster, the one you choose should nicely conform to your body type without being too tight or too loose.   

Able to Expertly Conceal Weapons
Your next tactical holster should also offer expert concealment. Not every concealed carry state is an open carry state, and being seen in a public place with a firearm in a state that doesn’t allow open carry can land you in a heap of legal trouble. With that in mind, make sure your next holster is large enough to keep your weapon completely hidden from view at all times. 

Sufficient Strength
Any holster you purchase should be strong enough to support the weapon you wish to carry. The absolute last thing you want is for your holster and weapon to become separated from your person in a public place.  

In most states that allow concealed carry, gun owners are legally required to store their weapons in holsters. In addition to making it easier to carry firearms, holsters work to ensure your personal safety. For best results, select a tactical holster that fits comfortably, offers first-rate concealment and is strong enough to support the firearm you wish to carry. Hardcore Gun Holsters has a great selection of gun holsters and concealment shirts to choose from. Browse our selection today and contact us online or over the phone at (330) 946-0056 with any additional questions.