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Valuable Advice for Concealed Carriers

In the interest of personal safety, many gun owners obtain concealed carry permits. Although some individuals are able to adjust to carrying firearms on their person with confidence, others aren’t quite as adaptive. Even some lifelong firearm enthusiasts have trouble adjusting to their role as concealed carriers. Gun owners looking to become more comfortable with carrying concealed weapons can benefit from the following tips. 

Select a Suitable Holster
Since you’ll be wearing it on a consistent basis, the concealment holsters you select should be a good fit for both you and the weapons you wish to carry. When using concealment holsters, make a point of prioritizing comfort, size and functionality. Your ideal holster will comfortably conform to your body type, be large enough to securely house the weapon you’ll be carrying and offer easy access to said weapon. If you’re not a fan of concealment holsters, consider investing in some comfy, stylish concealment shirts.  

Consistently Clean Your Weapon
The dirtier your gun gets, the more likely it is to jam, become unresponsive or accidentally discharge. This stands to affect both your safety and that of those around you. With this in mind, give your gun a thorough inspection and cleaning at least once a month. In addition to keeping you safe, this will improve functionality and ensure that the weapon remains in working condition. 

Continue Polishing Your Skills
Although the chances of you having to use your concealed weapon are quite small, you can’t rule out the possibility. As such, it’s in your best interest to continue polishing your marksmanship skills with regular trips to the shooting range. Even if you’ve been shooting guns your whole life, said skills are liable to dull if not properly honed.  

Obtaining a concealed carry permit provides many gun owners with tremendous peace of mind. However, if you’re not used to carrying firearms in public, this can take some getting used to. Wearing the right concealment holsters for your needs, keeping your weapon free of debris and consistently honing your shooting skills are all tenets of a responsible concealed carrier.

Hardcore Gun Holsters carries a wide variety of concealment holsters like our ankle holster, hip holster, and the .380 wallet holster. Shop our website and feel free to contact us with any questions online or over the phone today at (330) 946-0056.